2020. április 3. péntek, Buda, Richárd
2020. 3. 14. szombat
21:47 (1 perc)
Dear Visitors of Downtown Community Centre! In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, I ORDER THE CLOSURE OF THE DOWNTOWN COMMUNITY CENTER FROM 16 MARCH (MONDAY). To come to this decision, I have contemplated all the human and professional aspects, and I find it primal to protect the children, the families and the elderly which is the most endangered group. As a mayor and also as a father I consider that this is the responsible and correct decision. The residents of our district are protective and mindful about each other in everyday life, I ask you to help each other in this particular situation as well and take particular care of the mostly endangered elderly. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation that can provide to the health of each one of us. Yours sincerely, Péter Szentvölgyi, Mayor
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